Spread a little JOY....

It's a very chaotic time for many people as our restaurants, small businesses, entrepreneurs, stores are closing down.  Many people could never have planned for this and their incomes don't allow for weeks/months without jobs as they try to raise their families. 

Let's SPREAD A LITTLE JOY as we thank those that are in our every day lives but we may take for granted.  Your favorite server that always seats you in your favorite booth! The only person you will let cut your hair! The grocery store clerk that knows who you are each time you walk into the store! The small business owner that stocks just the products you need!  There are so many more and you know the one that makes you and your family feel special. 

There are 2 ways to help: You can do one or you can do both!

1.  DONATE!  Starboard Christian Academy is working with Spread a Little Joy to send $500.00 checks to those who many need a little additional help during this time! Your donation will help us be able to answer the call for those that are part of our every day!

2. NOMINATE!  Complete the attached form in full so that we may send a letter and check to your person that you want supported.  This way they know they have made an impact on the lives around them. 

You do not have to donate to nominate and you don't have to nominate to donate.  You can do whatever you want to do!


Who has impacted you? Who do you look forward to seeing? If you could help give $500 to someone who would it be? 


Complete the form and submit!  We will email you when your letter has been sent!

Please note that we can only help based on the donations we receive BUT we will send the  letters/nominations no matter what!

Help Our Cause

Starboard Christian Academy is working with Spread a Little Joy to send $500.00 checks to those who many need a little additional help during this time! Your donation will help us be able to answer the call for those that are part of our every day!

All donations are tax deductible as Starboard Christian Academy is a registered 501(c)3.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card



• We must reach $600 in donations before we can send our first $500.00 check. 

• The first $100 covers: paper, envelopes, stamps, and checks that need to be ordered, anything not needed will go back into the pool of donations

• All donations are tax deductible, checks will be written by Starboard Christian Academy (located in Denver, NC), checks and letters will be sent to the employee's place of business to be given to them and all monies raised will be used for this specific purpose.  

• If we do not reach our opening need of $800 all monies will be refunded to the donors through PAYPAL. 

• These nominations are on a first come first serve basis. All businesses will be called to verify current or former employment of the nominee. When we no longer have money to donate we will not send checks; however, any remaining nominees will receive the letter you wrote about them. It is still important that they know they have impacted your life. 

• You may not nominate yourself or anyone in your immediate family.

• If you have any questions please email us at


This has been a very interesting couple of weeks. Everything is changing hour by hour. One morning restaurants are open. By 5pm they are closed to take-out only. Everyday is a new reality. A reality that many could not prepare for in advance. Schools have been trying to figure out how they are going to feed students breakfast and lunch. Backpack programs are in full swing. This is our community and these are our concerns. Work is slowing down and while some are ready to weather the storm others are panicking over what they are going to do. 

A mom on my sons baseball team also passed away this week. While we knew she was battling cancer and her surgery was going to be risky it honestly never crossed my mind that she wouldn’t make it. It was a shock to me. The more I think about her and the work she did for Veterans, the more I think about kids not having meals, the more I think about people having hours cut or losing them all completely; the more I feel compelled to do something. 

Our world is in chaos right now and while we say this is for the ultimate good there are consequences and this isn’t easy. 

I get a lot of ideas but I do nothing because I think they will never work or that I can’t make a difference. Yesterday I got this idea and I decided to move forward with. I don’t know if it will work but my friend Megan believes in this idea and Jennie and Abby at Starboard Christian Academy agreed to help me so maybe I’m not so crazy after all. I don’t want to sit by. I won’t do nothing. I won’t be shocked and feel helpless. Maybe it won’t work...but maybe it will. So it’s time to stand up and spread a little joy. 

How can we do that? By recognizing there are some people helping us in our everyday lives that brighten our day when they serve us, cut our hair, talk to us in the checkout line, make sure our clothes are cleaned and pressed. I can think of 6 people off the top of my head that make my days brighter when I get to see them, even though they are not part of my everyday. And I know there are more. 

There is this one woman at Sam’s Club in Mooresville that always talks to me about what I am getting and asks how my kids are. I even went in one day with my son and she knew his name just from our conversations. The kicker...I only go to Sam’s about 4/5 times a year at the most and she remembered my son’s name. I always choose her line even if that means I have to wait and I’m disappointed when she’s not working. It makes my whole trip. 

Who has touched you? Who do you look forward to seeing? If you could help give $500 to someone who would it be?  

That’s what I want to do. I want to raise money AND have people nominate a person they think is special to them and could use a little boost at this time. This person should be in the service industry. Someone you may appreciate but not always express to them. 

Not only will they get the check for $500 but they will also get the reason why. It’s important in a time where we might feel disposable to know that we are not. Someone will miss us if we have to take a break. 

We can only do this with donations. However much we raise is how many people we can help. And maybe you have thought about this too but didn’t think your $25 would make it very far...but that’s why we are crowdsourcing. We can pull together to help. You can know you have touched someone. 

You don’t need to donate to nominate and vice versa. And if doing this as a group isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Just do one thing for me: Thank that person. Let them know you see them and you value them. I think sometimes we take for granted that people will just know. But they don’t unless you tell them. 

Because I can’t create a 501(c)3 overnight and GoFundMe would take too long to release funds: Starboard Christian Academy has offered to help in this endeavor so we can get moving as quickly as possible. They are a registered 501(c)3, everything will be tax deductible and all donations will be used for this purpose only. They will accept all donations and they will write the checks. I will take care of the verification, letters, and mailings. We are working together to make this move as quickly as possible and I’m so grateful for them. 

There is no greater commandment than to love your God and secondly love your neighbor. Whatever that looks like to you, please do it. There is no gesture to small when it is made in love and kindness. And what a thing to spread a little joy!